I’m tired. I’m just really, really tired. Of black people being marginalised by society. Of people retaliating with violence. Of people not being able to understand that Black Lives Matter is not anti-white or anti-police. It’s not discarding the many other groups of people who have been and continue to be broken down. All lives will matter when black lives matter too.

Source: BBC

In light of recent events, people with a voice and a platform to share it have expressed concern with what has become the status quo. There have been protests all over the US and, sadly, 5 police officers lost their lives in Dallas. Violence doesn’t do anything except create more sadness, more heartache, more frustration.

Source: BBC

Here’s my reaction to the BBC’s video footage of London’s peaceful #BLM protest:

“it seems super self-indulgent to say that i can’t watch this without welling up. i’m overwhelmed.

i see myself, my family & my friends in the people who are mistreated by the systems that are supposed to protect, help, serve.

as a kid, my parents made sure i was taught black history. they taught me to treat others as i would like to be treated – with kindness & respect. they taught me that i would always have to work that bit harder because the world is a sad place & people like me don’t always get ahead.

i’ve been told to “go back to where you come from”, looked at & magnitude of other shit that i’ve closed my mind to because how else would i be able to move forward. my dad has been arrested for checking on a black kid who was being man handled by 5 police officers & it took all more than 2 officers to arrest him. he’s been stopped & asked to prove that he is Mr Albert Vanterpool in a random traffic stop because a police officer curious as to why he, a black man, was driving a nice toyota corolla. my mum is a consultant nurse & is often the only POC when she’s giving talks, lectures, on government advisery boards & chairing meetings. she’s received an MBE for her work in local communities.

seeing this video makes my heart swell. the diverse & peaceful protest brought the busiest street in central london to a stand still.

i feel super proud. london, i love you.”



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