Hey guys. It’s your fave part-timer, back at it again to tell you about her recent adventures…

At the beginning of April, ya girl turned dirty 30 so, in an attempt to escape this bleak reality/the cool spring weather, my dude and I bounced to Marrakech in Morocco for 4 days. The closest I’ve been to anything that resembles Morocco is Dubai but, as you can imagine, the two countries, whilst similar, are worlds apart.

We stayed in a Riad (traditional home-come-hotel built around a courtyard, traditionally found in Morocco) in the northern part of the Medina or “Old City”. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Youssef who served us traditional Moroccan mint tea and sweets while we waited for our room to be ready.

Mint tea & treats

We spent some time on the roof terrace & caught some rays in the 28 degree heat

Looking down on our suite at Riad Sindibad Spa from the first floor

You’ll find doors and stonework laced with intricate Moorish design all over Morocco

Confession time: as much as I’m obsessed with travelling, I hate being a tourist. I hate standing out and I hate being an inconvenience to people and their day-to-day lives but, with that said, I wanted to see as much of Marrakech as possible.

Hardly any of the streets in the Medina have names so Youssef gave us directions to the main square. We wandered through the Souks, taking arbitrary lefts and rights and making sure not to get run over by the millions of mopeds whizzing in every direction around us. Everything was sensory overload; the pink buildings, the men in their djellaba and babouche slippers (did they know how on-trend they were for SS16??), the pretty women in their hijabs, the kids in their DOPE white jackets over western style clothes, the spices, leather goods, rugs and all of the trinkets for sale.

Eventually, we found the main square and it was overwhelming in a whole other sense. Whilst the Souks were shrouded in galvanized steel and somewhat stifling (a claustraphobe’s worst nightmare), the main square was peppered with tourists and locals alike, trying to make their way through the chaos, food carts, musicians, snake charmers and ladies painting henna. It was a real life scene from “Where’s Wally?”. We stopped for coffee and made our way back to the Riad. Of course we got lost on the way. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so happy to get back to a hotel, ever.

Like a clown, I didn’t get any pictures of the main square or the Souks – I was too busy walking around like a wide-eyed fool. The next day, we spent a good hour wandering around Palace de la Bahia – a matrix of courtyards, doorways and rooms showcasing art installations and Moorish everything.

Top – Calvin Klein, Culottes – Zara, Nude flats – bought in the Souk, Sunglasses – Rayban ‘Wayfarer’ (old)

Check back for part 2…

All images taken by Niesh Vanterpool on an iPhone 6



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