This past weekend, your girl turned the ripe old age of dirty thirty. People have been asking me how I feel and, honestly, it’s no different. I’d been dreading it for the past 12 months but I woke up on Sunday morning, sat in the armchair at my parents’ house and watched WWE, just like I always used to. I had a grand day with my family and my boyfriend. We watched the West Indies cricket team pull through from near defeat to win the T20 series and ate lots of food.

Marilyn Rondon (aka @calientechica) is an artist, boxing coach and zine-maker that I fux with heavily. I love her style, I love her message and I love that she promotes self-love so you know I had to cop. The gold plated “Caliente” nameplate chain is from a collaboration between Marilyn and  Vida Kush (@vidakush). I’ve been wanting a nameplate (with my name on it) for the longest time now so this will do in the meantime.

Marilyn Rondon by Jonathan Mehring



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