My natural lashes are not particularly long but they are very curly which makes strip lashes a royal pain in the ass to apply (plus the fact that I don’t like how they feel on). My kind friends at Nouveau Lashes booked me in for a complimentary treatment with Janette at Designer Lashes in Fitzrovia.

Janette started by asking what results I was looking for, full and fluttery? Glamorous or Natural? I opted for a natural look with some fullness. I lay down and dozed (I was flu-ridden) as Janette first cleaned the eye area to remove any oils and then applied synthetic mink extensions to each lash. In all, the process to around 50 minutes and there was minimal discomfort. At first, my eyes resisted the little pads that were put in place to separate the top and bottom lashes but it took no time to adjust.

Once Janette was finished, she combed the lashes out with a dry spoolie and made sure that there were no stray globs of glue, sticking the lashes together. I checked them out and was pleasantly surprised. My lashes were definitely more full and extended to a nice length that still looked natural.I was given an aftercare leaflet with instructions on how to care for the lashes post treatment and prices for the varying follow up treatments.I lost one to two guys in the first couple of days but nothing that seemed abnormal. It’s normal to shed eyelashes.

I don’t usually wear makeup every day but, as I’m in the middle of selling season, I’ve been wearing some concealer with a little eyeshadow in the eye area and a translucent powder. To remove makeup, I used my trusty Simple face wipes as usual. For the days where I wore a bit of eye shadow, I first used the Simple face wipes, went over the area again with the Nouveau Lashes oil free Eye Make Up Remover and then cleansed my face as per usual (African Black Soap or honey with a spin brush). The makeup remover is designed with the lash extensions in mind as oil breaks down the adhesive. I think I was a little heavy handed the first time as I lost a couple more but, again, wasn’t alarmed and there was no irritation to my eye or abnormal shedding.Here are my lashes after two weeks. You can only notice some gaps if you’re right up close but otherwise I’m still 100% happy with them. Janette recommended getting in-fills around the 3-4 week mark however, as much as I loved the results and the experience, it seems like an expensive habit! If I had the extra cash, I would definitely indulge…

All images by Niesh Vanterpool taken on an iPhone 6

The post made was in conjunction with Nouveau Lashes and first appeared on TRIPATTHEBRAIN


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