…same flakey ass me. I’m going to stop apologising because, at this point, it’s bloody ridiculous.

So far, this blog has been an amalgamation of my travels, fashion, makeup and music – all of which pertain to my interests. I’ve just been so…all over the place. Incoherent at times. I’m entirely guilty of comparing myself and what I put “out there” to others that do it just so well. I’ve sat and come up with ideas, only to screw up the metaphorical bit of paper and ask myself “What’s the point?”, “I’m not particularly good at it and don’t have much of a following so who cares?”. It’s forced me to address why I have this space in the first place.

I started TATB to share my interests and experiences for myself. I’ve had so many cool experiences this past year, travelling, working and, for the first time, feeling like I’m getting used to being a “grown up”. But I’ve lacked the discipline to post regularly or with consistently. I’ve lacked focus (even as I write this, I’m procrastinating).

I hate starting things and not maintaining or finishing them. So here’s to being more consistent and coherent in 2016.

Happy New Year! ❤



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