Alright, alright, kids. Mama’s back and so you know what it is.

Yes, I’ve been entirely AWOL from my TATB squaaa, my apologies. I’ve been up to a lot. And, honestly, I’ve hardly had the head space to even think about creating content but, you know, c’est la vie.

If you follow my Instagram, you will see that I did go to Ibiza. No, I didn’t go to any clubs. Yes, it was siq (with a Q) and, Yes, I have a post in the works but not before I share some of my AW15 favourites with you.


I love utilitarian, functional clothing purely for the aesthetic. My clothing is my uniform. Being able to wear traditionally practical clothing in a muted colour scheme (safety orange isn’t muted but it’s still awesome) – and look good doing so – is one challenge that I’m here for. All of the time. My Autumn/Winter favourites reflect exactly that. Uniformality and Practicality.


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