…see what I did there? Alliterated blog titles (not including Krystle’s name here) usually make my skin crawl but I try not to think about these types of trivial things too much…(I’m hilarious). Maybe Tombabe Tuesday will become a regular feature here at #tatb, we’ll see.

You know when someone just gets it? When I saw this post, I knew that Krystle was a down ass chick. Like, gurl. Do you live inside my brain? Hailing from The Bronx, NY, Krystle’s style is a mash up of high-end, streetwear and high stREET. Think Celine or Chanel mixed with Supreme and Vans – ie. the epitome of Tombabe. Unsure as to what that entails? Peep my interview here with Preen.


Krystle is a touring wardrobe stylist to the likes of Usher and Pharelle. You can find out more about her career and style in her interviews with The Coveteur &

Like damn Krystle, can I live? Too perf.

ALL images from The Coveteur


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