Ladies (and gentlemen?), another dope online store is among us. Pho London opened their clothing and lifestyle store to the masses earlier this week and, if I had more free skrilla, I’d be spending it rightchea.

With brands like Base Range, Charlie May and Senso on board, the product is very clean and adheres to Pho.London’s philosophy of “minimalism, simplicity and functionality”. Now you know that I love anything functional and I am digging the fact that they support mindful designers while considering longevity over trend and mass consumerism. Here are some of my favourites ❤

  1. Nude Bra from Base Range £33
  2. Black Sweats from Base Range £59
  3. Black Leather Kim Box Shoulder Bag from Danielle Foster £205
  4. Kylie Ebony from Senso £135
  5. Ceral Magazine Vol 9 – £12
  6. Lemongrass Candle from Simon&Me – £22
  7. Camel Wool Coat from Charlie May – £600
  8. Gold Snak Clutch from Marie Turnor – £90
  9. Off White Over-sized T from Base Range – £40




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