There comes a point in your mid-late twenties when you notice that the wedding invites start coming in thick and fast. I never know what to wear and I always end up recycling something here or there.

In a few weeks, my friend is getting married on the Jersey Shore (the nice part, no “Snookie”s or “Situation”s or wig snatches here, thank you very much) and I just don’t want to wear anything that’s currently collecting dust in my wardrobe. My budget isn’t huge so I had a look on ASOS and found some pretty cool pieces in their Mid-Season Sale that accommodate my need to be comfortable at all times whilst retailing at under £25. You know babygirl loves a bargain…

Shift Dress With Roll Neck £12.50

Swing Dress With Funnel Neck £15


Sheer & Solid T Shirt Dress £14


Midi Skater Dress With Shell Top £22.50

I went for dresses because I wear pants every day and for convenience because I’ll be living out of a suitcase for the 10 days that I’m in America. All of these styles adhere to my “maximum cosy at all times” mantra and I know, I know,  you’re not supposed to wear white to a wedding but eff the rules. I do what I want. My mum always tells me off for wearing too much black – especially to weddings – but really and truly, who cares? So long as it’s not red or animal print, I think we’re good to go…

I can wear these all of these with a leather jacket and some boots. Hope the weather turns out nice for my friend’s special day!



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