Heyyoooooo, been a minute! I’ve been a little overwhelmed with moving house, work and my BIRTHDAY. Yes. I’m now 29. Which isn’t old but my baby cousins aren’t babies anymore. They’re like 16 and go to Camden or to the club or…omg, I’m going to have an anxiety attack. No. They’re still babies to me. Anyway, I haven’t posted a Friday Favourite in a while so here’s one for yew.

I kind of neglected my skin routine whilst I was in between my parents’ and my boyfriend’s place and was totally able to tell the difference. I was drinking less water, sleeping less, I was being sloppy with my food and I just was being lazy all round. Last night I decided to take 5 minutes out to do a face scrub before bed and GURL! Let me tell YOU. My skin felt amazebawlz.


Here’s what I used:

  • 1 Teaspoon of Castor Sugar (soft brown sugar would be better but I used what I had)
  • 2 teaspoons of Honey
  • 2 drops of pure Tea Tree Oil



  1. mix the sugar and honey together in a small bowl
  2. add two drops of Tea Tree oil*
  3. stir it up
  4. apply all over face with the back of the teaspoon
  5. rub it into skin gently to warm up the honey
  6. remove with a damp warm cloth

*NB: Be careful using pure Tea Tree oil! Only a couple drops are needed. I managed to scald my face by using it on a spot without a carrier oil.

Tone as usual (i used Aloe Vera juice as my toner’s run out) and moisturise with oil/cream of choice (I used Vitamin E oil as I have scarring from pimples that I’m trying to fade).

How easy is that?  I was kind of surprised at the results. My skin instantly looked brighter and felt super soft. I think I’ll try to do this once a week to keep my skin looking bright and tight (ha!).

Have you tried making any scrubs at home? What are your some of your favourite recipes?



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