I’ve been vegetarian for about 10 years now. For the first two years, I struggled with constant fatigue/anaemia whilst studying for my degree and working two jobs. At one point, I remember being unable to even get off the couch and I had no idea why. In more recent years, I’ve suffered from bouts of incurable cracked and chapped lips, breathlessness (even while stationary), crazy fatigue and unable to feel warm.

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After convincing myself that I had a brain tumor and diabetes, I deduced that it was probably down to an Iron deficiency so I try to stay on top of it by eating iron rich foods (broccoli and kale) as well as taking supplements and vitamins (mostly when I’m feeling run down as I don’t like to put too many things into my body at once).


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Sometimes health jargon can be snooze inducing but I found this really cool write up on Iron & Vegetarianism from OhMyVeggies to be really helpful. Click the pic to check it out!

How do you cope with symptoms of anaemia and stay on top of your iron intake?




  1. I am now in my tenth year as a vegetarian and for the past three years I have suffered with anaemia. Before I found out what was wrong with me I never had any energy and I felt sleepy all the time. When I was finally diagnosed, I altered my diet to include lots of iron-rich vegetables, drank a ‘mean green juice’ every day and took an iron supplement daily. Recently my symptoms have started again and blood tests revealed that my iron levels are lower than they have been for years, so I now take 2 iron tablets daily. I don’t want to be on tablets for the rest of my life, and my parents and doctor are suggesting I should reintroduce meat to my diet, but I am holding firm. Fetch me the spinach…

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    As a vegetarian who suffers from anaemia, I think it is so important to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need. I make myself a ‘mean green juice’ every day, the core ingredients of which are kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and mint. Sometimes I’ll cook up some savoy cabbage and broccoli and add them in too. The mint (and sometimes a dash of lime juice) is necessary to give it a palatable flavour.

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  3. Spinach is my favourite! My advice would be to go with the frozen spinach as opposed to the fresh. You get much more than each dollar, and you need huge quantities to meet the iron intake! Sauté with some garlic and you’re good to go!


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