I decided to go natural last summer and did  my big chop in December.  Thankfully, I have  the most resilient hair known to man as I’ve  never experienced *real* damage or breakage  (apart from once when a colourist at an afro-  european salon told me that afro hair didn’t  need oils and grease, HA!) but I figured that  those horrid chemicals can’t be good so I  opted for that Naturalista liiiiffeestyyyyllee   *young thung voice*.

I’ll do a proper post, documenting my natural  hair journey another time but, for now, I’m enjoying rediscovering my natural hair texture, trying out new products (which i’ll  post more about in the future) and having short hair in general. I can’t wait for it to be  bloody massive.

In the meantime, here are  some pretty colourpop ‘fro’s that I found when looking for inspiration.

Tiki Caldwell ~ @tikicaldwell

Kayla Phillips ~ @afroxvx

Elaine ~ @elaineafrika

Jasmin Charles ~ @aristocratchet

A friend of mine found also found this cool article  on Harlem during the summer of 1970 with  pictures by Jack Garofalo. so many cool natural hairstyles! Have you coloured your natural hair? Which colour did you go for?

Images lifted from Google. Please leave a message if you recognize any of these beauties so that I can credit!



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