It’s 2015 and here we are, fighting the good fight for equality. The struggle is still very real but let’s not dwell on the negative. Here are some cool and talented women that inspire me…

Grace VanterpoolConsultant Nurse, specialising in Diabetes (My Mum!)

My mum is my rock and my daily inspiration. My whole life, I’ve done what I wanted to do and wanted to make my mum proud. I think I did ok! She makes me proud too. This write-up is a little old but you can read up on my mum’s story here.

In 2006, she received the Nurse Of The Year and Community Nurse Of The Year and has also been awarded an MBE for her contribution to the NHS.


Dominique HolmesArtist, Tattooer, Designer

Not only is Dominique one of my best and closest friends, she, too is one of my big inspirations. Artist, tattooer, designer and dogmum to my dognephew, James The Beagle, Dominique is constantly immersed in her craft.

If she’s not tattooing, she’s researching, drawing up ideas for customers or working on commissions. Couldn’t be more proud of this lady. (@domholmestattoo/


Maya “Shameless Maya” WashingtonPhotographer, Actress, Youtuber and Pioneer of the Shameless Movement

I don’t even remember how I came across The Shameless One, Maya Washington, but I’ve eagerly followed her ever since. In 2012, Maya devoted 365 days to being completely Shameless and hasn’t looked back since! In case you’re wondering the hell that means, you can read about it here but, in short, Maya sought to gain enough confidence to promote herself and her talents via our favourite social media channels.

Her Youtube channel has been a great success and has opened many doors for her. Believe it or not, I, too, struggle with confidence – particularly when it comes to self-promotion and my abilities. Maya’s ethos inspired me to start my own Youtube channel and to live that shameless lifestyle! I urge every one to head straight to her channel and start watching. (@mayasworld/


Yagazie EmeziVisual Artist, Cartoonist, Youtuber

Nigeria born Yagazie Emezi moved to the US to study in 2005 and has recently returned to Africa to fully dedicate her time and attention to the “cultural preservation of the African aesthetic”.

Her website plays host to the works of many young African photographers, giving visitors a view through their proverbial lens. Her Youtube channel is compromised of Vlogs, rants and advice for young women! (@yagazieemezi/


Jayne Min – Designer, Creative Consultant, Blogger

The first picture I saw of Jayne was on Tumblr. She was wearing a bunch of layers, ripped up boyfriend jeans and air max 90s…FOR FASHION WEEK. Yes, it was a fashion week street style shot and homegirl was out here wearing jeans and sneakers. A girl after my own heart.

I found her awesome blog, STOPITRIGHTNOW.COM, and have followed religiously ever since. I love Jayne’s sense of humour, her effortless sense of style and the fact that she wore a SEPULTURA TSHIRT FOR HER SHOOT WITH THE COVETUER. I die. (@stopitrightnow/

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?



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