FRIDAY FAVOURITES: Sandqvist Bags, Game of Thrones & Drake

It’s Friday and you know babygirl is bout it, bout it. Here are some of my favourites from this week…


Wallet – Sandqvist (gift), Rain Coat (black), Baller Bomber (camo) & Holly pant (khaki) all by Edwin Europe

My love affair with Sandqvist began some time ago when I purchased the Lisbet tote. It’s the perfect execution of a simple tote bag, robust in structure and classic in colour (Cognac). Then I progressed to the Helmer backpack – a gift from my loves at Brand Progression– in the exact same fabric. Initially, I intended to use this while riding only but somehow it spilled over into life outside of cycling and now I take it everywhere. It has a neat pocket on the front and has a deep pocket. I’ve worn it in the scorching sun and torrential downpours and love how the wears are beginning to show.

Onto the wallet. We really need to talk about this because the homies at BP really hooked ya gurl UP. When I opened the box, my body was overrun by all of the feels. Not only was (am) I super grateful for such a generous gift but this really is the perfect wallet.

I toyed with the idea of getting a Comme Des Garcon wallet for a really long time but I could never justify it. Especially when brands like YSL and Sophie Hulme offer something that’s a lot better quality for not much more. We digress.

The Britt wallet is about the size of my hand, has tons of space for cards, pictures and a compartment for change. Again, it’s robust in terms of composition and it’s comes in the classic black, buttery leather. Prior to this I was fumbling around between a coin pouch and a card holder. Why? Who the eff knows but I shan’t be making that mistake again. It retails at 129euro & is available on the Sandqvist website.



“A Dance With Dragons Part 1: Dreams & Dust” by George R Martin

A guy I was seeing for a very short period of time (he soon became a white walker, RIP boo) put me onto Game of Thrones – the HBO TV adaptation of George R Martin’s “A Song of Fire & Ice“.

At first, I thought it would be complete garbage but, actually, unlike the dude (who turned out to be entirely wack), it was INCREDIBLE. I was instantly hooked and binge watched the first season in no time at all. I’m really not into sci-fi. I think Star Wars sucks and I’d honestly rather pour salt directly into my eyeballs than sit through Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter but, somehow, this is different.

My boss literally hazed me when I suggested that he watch the TV series. Imagine his reaction when he clocked that I was reading the entire series as well as/in between watching? I read a novel a month (i only really read on public transport sooo…and I’m slow) until I got to this one. I had to put it down for a few months because it wasn’t going anywhere fast but I picked it up again recently and remembered why I’d become so engrossed in it in the first place. After this, I have one more to go. Apparently, the next instalment is due in 2017. In the wise words of the Jigga Man – “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOOOORR?” George?!

New season of the TV show airs on April 20th. LEH WE GO!


It…It’s like…he read my mind. I mean, I always thought that Drake was some sort of sorcerer but the surprise release of his new mixtape confirms a lot for me. I said to myself no more than two days ago that it’d be really cool to hear something new from Tdot’s very own and then he went and Yonce’d on us.

Drake, much like Nicki Minaj KILLS IT when it comes to features but his own records have always been that much more special for me. It’s really difficult to put out an album that has bangers front to back. If I can’t turn it off and know all the words within a week then it’s great. If I go back to it consistently? That sh*t’s skr8 fire yo. I’ve done exactly that will all of Drake’s albums AND I went to see him in Brussels. Do I love him? No. Do I want his tour babies? Nah son. Would I like to hang & shoot the shit? Maybe. Drizzy, you got me with this one. Eff all the haters.

What are some of your favourite accessories? Are there any books or records that you immerse yourselves in?

I need to go to sleep.

All images taken with iPhone 5, edited with VSCOcam except the Drake album cover


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