2015 has gotten off to a great start so far with the release of two great records from Joey Bada$$ and the homies in Turnstile and this. Wood Wood is a brand that I’ve slept on, purely because I associate it with that Scandi Oxford-shirt, Crewneck-sweat, Unwashed denim or Chinos, New-Balance, and a five panel with Harry Potter glasses lookSO done with “norm-core”. The exact same reason I could care less about Norse Projects but SON. AYFKMRN?!

Who remembers the Youth Crew revival in the hardcore c2002-4 when it was cool to dress like it was 1987? Band hoodie printed on Champion, Champion “mosh shorts”, Champion socks with the C logo and Nike sneakers – either a pair or J’s, Air Max 1’s or AM 90’s. Everyone looked like the Gorilla Biscuits gorilla.

Gary Warnett of Gwarizm writes about Champion often and at great length. His article, aptly names Blood, Sweatshirts & Tears, pinpoints exactly how myself, and apparently many others have been left feeling disappointed in the past with minimal offerings of decent gear. He also hails the few stores that have managed to get their hands on some of the more niche Reverse Weave and various other basic pieces.

This collaboration, is just, ugh, so perf. Available exclusively one the Wood Wood site and at Urban Outfitters, this capsule collection is made up of seven timeless sportswear pieces. This is every Tombabe’s dream. The women’s pieces aren’t pink and the mens pieces can certainly be rocked oversize. I need ALL of them. Below are my favourite images from the lookbook.


Images copied from High Snobiety



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