LIFE: IT’S 2015

Holy hell, well I guess it is the year two thousand and fifteen which means hover boards and shoes that lace up themselves, amiright? It’s only Jan 3rd yo, slow your roll.

I didn’t do an end-of-year run down because, I’m lazy and, realistically, who cares? I mean, a lot of that countdown stuff is insanely dry. Like, unless it’s funny, it’s pretty arid. Buzzfeed’s many “top [insert random number here] anything” is usually way more entertaining.

I did, however, make a list of things that I really need to do this year. They’re all achievable, I just need to pull my proverbial finger out and “Just Do It”. So here goes..

1. Draw and design more

I’ve got a lot of ideas in my head and I need to get them out. I get so frustrated when I’m shopping for something specific and can’t find it. Or I see something that I’m really into but, upon further inspection, it has what I consider to be misplaced frills/rhinestones/etc and can’t help flipping out in a Nicholas Cage-esq rage because WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY???? So I’ve decided that henceforth, I will make things myself. And then I’ll only have myself to blame if it’s not quite right (but it will be right because I made it :D).

2. Step It With Up With The Make-Up

I don’t wear a full face of make up very often but when I do, I like to go AWF. I don’t care too much for contouring and highlighting because I really don’t like to feel smothered and, as we know, it’s not good for your skin. But brown game, eye-liner game, lipstick game? It really needs to be on point. So I need to step it up.

3. Be More Active

In 2014, I got a bike and started doing yoga and it was bloody great. Within 2 weeks of riding to and from work every day, I noticed that my legs seemed way more defined, toned and a lot stronger. My girl LJ started teaching yoga so I decided to go to one or two of her classes. I really enjoyed stretching and seeing what my body was capable of so I’m going to continue with those two things this year. I’d really like to try a contact sport for conditioning and discipline so I may take up Muay Thai.

4. Move House

I need to move because my landlord is selling. It sucks because I really like the place where I’m at presently but whaddayagonnadoaboutit? I’ll be having a sale at my house with my flatmate. Details for which are tbc but you will be invited to come and buy our toot soon so watch this space.

5. Go Down Under

Australia. I’d always ruled it out because I’m a firm believer that ALL arachnids should be burned upon sighting but one of my good friend Kirby just decided to haul her ass all the way over there so now I have to go to Australia. I actually already have a good friend there too so I probably should’ve considered this trip sooner but spiders man 😦 . I’ll just have to walk around with blinkers on an a flame thrower ready at all times.

6. Youtube

I’d been toying with the idea of starting a Youtube channel for a while and recently just decided to go for it because why the hell not? I’ve set myself the task of posting one video per day for the month of January. To keep up with my day-to-day shenanigans and various other bs, subscribe to my channel, yo. So far, I’ve posted a short intro video and a DIY Shea Butter Tutorial which you can see below.

Happy New Year you guys! Have you set yourself any goals and tasks?



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