How many young women have to die before the NHS realise that cervical cancer is no joke?

Before 2009, the age at which a woman was invited for her first smear was set at 30 however, due to the publicity surrounding Jade Goody’s (UK TV personality, Big Brother etc) illness, it was lowered to 25. Jade died later that year, aged 27.

I had my first smear test this past April, right after my 28th birthday. I went to the dr’s for a routine check up as I’d not long moved to a new postcode and needed to register. I’m not going to lie, it was horrible and intrusive. I had my legs spread while a nurse took swabs from my cervix and tried to distract me by talking about Obama Care. I can remember laying there in physical and mental discomfort, thinking “shut up bitch, hurry up and get out of my vagina!”. But honestly, it was over in like 3 minutes and the results took less than a week to come back. Thankfully (touch wood), there were no abnormalities and I was given a bill of clean health. All it took was 3 minutes.

Sorcha Glenn –

This past October, 23 year old Sorcha Glenn died from cervical cancer. At first, she was refused a smear test. Does this sound ludicrous to anyone else? Read up on the particulars of Sorcha’s story here. It’s so sad, especially seeing as her death could potentially have been prevented had she not been refused in the first place.


My mother has worked for the NHS for 40 years. My aunts have put in healthy stints too and, when it boils down to it, I’m eternally grateful that I can go get my shit fixed should my shit need fixing. I’m happy to pay my taxes but I can’t help feeling disappointed when I read stories like this. What are we paying for? Negligence or nah?

Sorchar’s family and boyfriend are petitioning for the NHS to issue smear tests to women under 25 that request them. Please take 2 minutes out of your day to sign the petition (HERE), share it and if you’re due a smear test, GO GET IT DONE.

(read up on the procedure here)



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