When my friend asked me “have you listened to that ‘Serial’ podcast yet?” I for real thought that she was talking about cereal. Like, the edible kind. I really didn’t think that she’d be talking about a podcast that has pretty much everyone hooked by their bottom lips. Mostly because she’s probably my best snack friend. Do you have those? People that you snack with. All you do is talk about snacks. Research new snack, share snack tips with? No?

The first series of Serial examines the case of Adnan Syed – 17 year old student at Woodlawn High School, Baltimore, Maryland, who is convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. All of the evidence, to me at least, seems circumstantial apart from the fact that Adnan’s friend, Jay, testifies in court, claiming that he helped bury Hae’s body in Leakin Park.

Hae Min Lee

Sarah Koening – a journalist who previously worked at The Baltimore Sun, discovered the case and has spent an insane amount of time poring over case files, picking apart each and every detail to see if she can figure out who really killed Hae.

In each episode (there is one per week), Sarah takes you through each aspect of the case, discussing evidence, statements, witnesses and other questionable points that were overlooked during the trial while trying to remain unbiased. There are interesting snippets of tape from the court, interviews, interrogations as well as post-trial analysis. It’s gripping. Some parts had me not breathing for multiple seconds. I can’t even tell you how many times I had to hit rewind.

I’m not going to go too much into detail but I will say that you need to listen to it. Personally, I’m still not 100% sure who did it. My gut is telling me it was not Adnan. Jay seems a little bit sus to me… and what the HELL is up with Mr S?!!!

Download the podcast here and be sure to check out the website for pictures, documents, maps and discussions.

What are your thoughts? WHO KILLED HAE?


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