I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting you. I’m sorry. I’ve just been living…and Instagram makes everything so INSTAnt. Geddit? OK, bad joke but I just bought a new camera and have some cool trips  coming up so I will have some good content and high quality pictures for you, k? K.

New season, new wish list. Summer seemed to be lingering well into October until it took a sharp turn a couple days ago and now…………it’s BLITZ (Urban Dictionary definition for those that live outside of the M25/London Orbital here). Autumn is officially upon us and the only reason I’m stoked is because it means that I can now wear layers without sweating to death.

It’s easy to become jaded by fashion when you work in the industry. There’s just so much bs to sift through, which is a funny way of looking at it considering that I work in wholesale and my job is to….well, sell. But my boss always says “The least you can do is show it to them. If they like it, they’ll buy it” and, incidentally, that’s how I shop.

I’m not reeled in by trends or brand names. I don’t take out overdrafts/loans/credit cards because of a hype “it” item. I mean, I’ve loved the Acne pistol boot since forever but I don’t have a casual 400 bones to drop on a pair of boots right this very moment and, to be frank, I get anxiety when my fridge/larder starts looking bare. You can see where I’m headed with this… (food is just very precious to me, ok?!). I just like what I like.

Saying that, there are still some bits that I see every season that I decide I can’t live without and this season is no different.


Lord knows I don’t need any more coats but I really love this. The oversized red & black check pattern and soft wool fabric harks back to mid century workwear – which you know I’m all about. The cocoon shape keeps things flattering and feminine. As a tomboy, this doesn’t always matter but when you don’t want to look too “boyish”, items like this really work to restore the balance. You can purchase this dream machine from Matches. At £310, it’s not cheap but these types of things are always an investment, especially if your method of shopping is not trend based.




I haven’t worn culottes since I was in The Brownies. They were a gross “poorly-dog-poop” brown colour and I had to wear them with a yellow sweater. I hate yellow. I was such a reluctant Brownie but I made the most of it and got some cool badges, I guess. Also, I haven’t worn wide leg pants since I was 14 years old so you can imagine how confused I was when I decided that I actually really like these wide leg culottes.

The top pair are made with a crepe fabric from Topshop and the second pair are from Zara. I’m not a big fan of Topshop but these are pretty spot on and reasonably priced (£40). I was really into Zara for a little while (see previous post) but lately it’s been a bit lacklustre for me. That and their stores are always so difficult to shop but leather look anything is a win and I find that the prices are never unreasonable (£35).


I was gifted a pack of these back a few months ago and have had them on heavy rotation since. I received the tri-colour pack that includes one white, grey marl and black tshirt – A minimalist’s dream.

I usually have trouble with T shirts but I love the fabric and branding on these. I wear my T’s oversized (men’s medium) and cuff the sleeves. Small’s and women’s “boyfriend fit” anything just don’t quite cut it for me. I have a couple of the boyfriend T’s from ASOS and, while they do an OK job, I find them too slim in the body and a little too narrow in the arm openings. The cuffs are tacked, though which is perfect. Yes, may be over-analytical about T shirts but I see no problem here. You can buy these dreamy wardrobe staples from my bud at FUSSHOP. Tell him I sent you.


Whilst running errands in Shoreditch the other day, I passed through Start on the corner of Rivington St and Charlotte Road. I love the set up of their women’s boutique and often spend a few minutes at the perfume stand, hopelessly huffing at their selection of Diptyque perfumes like a weirdo.

Being that I work in for a denim brand, the indigo rail caught my eye. I was instantly drawn to the strange looking shirt/dress thing with a belt and unfinished edges. At first I dismissed it, thinking it was too “fashion” for my taste and thought to myself “I don’t get it” but the longer I stared the sooner I warmed to it. I love the deep indigo, the frayed edges and the versatility! You can grab this at Start, in store and online.


I’ve wanted this perfume for so long now. I need to quit playing and just buy it, really. It’s sweet, fruity and woody all the the same time which actually sounds like an olfactory nightmare but this scent is slightly refreshing without being too citrus-y. NEED IT. You can get this from Start Boutique and Liberty.

What’s on your wishlist for this coming Autum/Winter season? And what else would you like to see from this blog? Lemme know, yo!


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