BEAUTY: Summer Skin Care Hype

After the piss-poor weather this past bank holiday weekend, I think it’s safe to say that Summer on its way out. Gurl, bye.

I always find that it’s the season to bring the most change – be it relationships, lifestyle, whatever. I tried a few new things like deciding to grow out my natural hair, giving up on that acrylic/gel lyfe which, after 10+ years, I can only liken to giving up crack. WTF?! I can’t deal with chipped polish, broken nails the constant daily maintenance. Sweet Brown was right, ain’t nobody got time f’dat. I also cut out sugar. It’s been a 1 week and I’m fien’in *kim k cry face*

The most significant change has been in my skin care routine, opting for a more natural regimen. With of sounding like some corny beauty blogger, it’s made such a difference! Here are some of my hype discoveries:


So apparently i turned 28 and decided that I can’t be bothered relaxing my hair any more. It’s been about 20 years and, whilst I love/d having long, straight hair and am eternally grateful that my hair could withstand the gnarly chemicals used in permanent straighteners, it’s kinda jacked up that I don’t really remember what my natural hair texture is like. So I sought advice from friends who had decided to go natural, subscribed to a bunch of amazing Youtube channels (Chime Edwards, Naptural85, Alyssa Forever), went STR8 to Paks in Dalston and made sure that i bought the necessary products to help me through my transition.

Coconut Oil was on the top my shopping list as I’d been hearing about the benefits for a long time and I truly have no regrets about buying this u guiz. I’ve been using it on my skin, hair and cooking with it and it’s been bloody great. Here are 101 reasons as to why Coconut Oil is the best thing since mozzarella sticks (because, let’s face  it, sliced bread isn’t that great). I need to try the coffee creamer recipe ❤



I started take the contraceptive pill and changed my skincare regime at the same time. Bad move. I had been using the Clinique 3-Step (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer) programme since I was a teenager and had always been under the impression that my skin type was “dry”. So, right after my 28th birthday, I decided to switch it up. I wanted to try something with less alcohol and something that seemed a little more wholesome and had tried some samples from Khiel’s that seemed to work really well. I went and had a skin test at a Khiel’s counter to make sure I’d be investing in the right product for my skin and bought the following:

I cleansed, toned and moisturized 3 times a day and, for a while, it seemed to be working great HOWEVER I was not prepared for the sucker-punch known as Hormonal Acne.

WTF?! I’ve never suffered from acne. If anything, I often receive compliments on how clear my skin was. I was getting unexplained (at the time) pimples on my face and neck at an alarming rate. One gnarly spot per cycle was not uncommon but this was just…no. I should be grateful really as I’m fully aware that it can be way worse and, thankfully, I did not suffer from acne as a teen but UGH.

To put a spanner in the works, summer had just begun (hi sweat) and I binned off public transport in exchange for my amazing bike (yo, wassup sweat, how you livin?) and so was washing my face 3 times a day: once in the morning, once again when I got to work and at night. My body was jacked up on hormones, producing more oils from increased perspiration and my face was going through the ringer. I looked like a fruit cake which, to some, might be desirable but to myself just was not OK. I also started noticing dry patches that were never dry before. I could literally peel (ew!) areas of dead skin off my face. Horrifying.

I mentioned all of the above to a friend in passing and she suggested washing my face with honey. I did some research on the old internerds and found that honey is used a lot in alternative/natural cleansing products because:

  • It gently removes impurities without stripping the skin of oils
  • It has antibacterial and pro biotic qualities
  • It is perfect for balancing oily skin whilst simultaneously moisturizing dry skin.

I’ve been washing my face with honey twice a day and using the Khiel’s toner and moisturizer in the morning. At night, I only use toner after washing as my face seems to rehydrate itself pretty quickly. I imagine that this may change as the weather gets cooler but we’ll see! I still use the cleanser here and there or in emergencies and I’ve decided to stop taking the pill because I can’t deal with all the other bs side effects…

Aesop “Control” Gel

Seeing as I was having so much trouble keeping my skin under wraps, it only made sense to try this product. I love how Aesop products smell and, if not for the price, I would have chosen this brand for my daily 3-step routine. Anyhow, I was complaining to a colleague about the breakouts I’d been experiencing and she let me try a little of her Aesop Control gel. I dabbed it on and noticed that the spots had gone down within 12 hours!

It contains amazing things like Aloe Vera, Lemon and Rosemary oils, witch hazel and tea tree – all of which have awesome healing, cleaning properties. It’s pretty expensive (£15 for 9 ml) but worth every penny.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

I don’t wear make up most days. In fact, I can go weeks without it. Not because I hate it, I’m just lazy and don’t care enough to make that much of an effort every morning. I tried yo, I really tried. I just cannot. Shout out to the ladies who can. I respect your hustle.

I went into MAC in search of this amazing pink/purple lipstick that I’d seen on Tumblr (Flat Out Fabulous, if you were wondering) and ended up talking to the technician about concealers. I’d never bothered with them previously as I wear their Studio Sculpt foundation (NC50) which does a great job of covering up tiny pimple scars/dark circles but it can be heavy for summer…and I’m lazy. He suggested I try the Pro Longwear Concealer which is matte, sweat proof, and provides medium to full coverage for up to 15 hours. BINGO. He took a swatch and applied it to one of  the areas on my neck/jawline that has the most scarring and the results were amazing!! So good, in fact, that I’ve  taken to wearing it as an alternative to foundation.

We’re about to head into autumn so I may end up changing the routine all over again. It’d be cool to hear your suggestions! Do you have any skincare tips/tricks that you live by?


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