COOL SHIT: Life Of Agony To Play Shows In Europe This Summer


I’m super excitable about shows and music at the best of times so you can imagine my reaction to the announcement that Life Of Agony will be playing shows again this summer.  I’m super stoked at the possibility of seeing one of my favourite bands and feel insanely proud of Mina Caputo. In 2009, Mina came out as being transgender and has been living as a woman ever since.

In Effect hardcore webzine did a cool interview with Mina. Below are some of my favourite excerts.

My consciousness is like the sun. I’ll burn anyone who tries to belittle my abilities because I express my vulnerability, fragility and nakedness to the world.

If someone tried to harm my life, you better believe I’m going to retaliate. I am the last person to be violent. But I will not hesitate to put a motherfucker out. I’m from Brooklyn New York, what the fuck are you thinking!? Lol.

Music is my religion and listening is a big part of learning. So I open my mind to just about every form of music. From bluegrass to the chromatics to the Cro-Mags’ “Age of Quarrel”, which is pretty much a biblical fucking album.

Nothing but respect. You can view the whole interview here and peep Mina’s solo stuff here!




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