MUSIC: Pop Shots – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

I guess this post should be about how awesome the new Freddie Gibbs x Madlib collaborative joint “Cocaine Pinata” is (it’s fucking excellent) but being the rebel (without a cause) that i am, I’m going to force everybody talk about this song instead.

When I first heard an ex play Pop Shots, my brain imploded. In fact, I think I burst out laughing. Ol’ Dirty Bastard is in my top 3 members of Wu Tang. Their styles are all so different but ODB was always next level. I always found him funny, whether it be his lyrics or his vocal style – which are insane on this track. Lest we forget that Primo did the damn thing on the production. Everything about it  is so gully.

Sadly, Dirt McGirt popped his shot before the drop of his third record – A Son Unique. Apparently The Universe only ever seems to let us sample the works of insanely talented individuals and, unfortunately, this album never had an official release (eff you, Universe). Every time I see Wu Tang (as a group or as individuals), they play Shimmy Shimmy Ya and Brooklyn Zoo but I wish they’d include add this jam to the set.

If I spit 10 rhymes, nigga 9 ‘gon connect” – Rest In Peace Ol’ Dirty


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