GUEST POST: Unsung Heroes of UKHC pt 3 – Raydust by Sean McKee

Once again, the homie Sean McKee comes through with a great interview. This time, he’s interviewed a great friend of mine, Raymond George James Patrick Bussey III. Ray is one of the funniest humans I know and is like an older brother to me, it’s an honor to be able to host this interview on TATB

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Intro: I have known Ray Dust for 18 years, since the earliest Knuckledust shows. In fact, Knuckledust and my first band PD started months apart – albeit at opposite ends of the M4 motorway – so when we first met those guys they already seemed like family as we all had a lot of common ground. Since then I’ve enjoyed much downtime. Played in a few bands, enjoyed NOT playing in bands for extended periods. But meanwhile Ray, Pierre, Nicky and Wema haven’t stopped or missed a beat in almost 20 solid years, and on top of that they each have side projects and other musical shit going on. These guys know how to put in work. So I grabbed the chance to catch up with Ray about some of the other things going on outside of Knuckledust. – Sean McKee, Feb 2014

I just saw something about this new band Wrecking Ball which listed you on drums. How many bands are you actually in!? And have you given up the idea of sleep and lie ins altogether?
I’m actively in 2 bands at the moment. KD and Argy Bargy. Wrecking Ball is 5 old friends coming together to make some hard punk style music. I guess Old School Hardcore ala Negative Approach, Blood For Blood but as I write this we don’t actually have any songs so who knows what it may sound like. I’ve also started a band with Rob Money and Matty Bar. We want to do a more melodic hardcore style somewhere between Leeway, Maximum Penalty and Cold Front. We have 3 pieces of music at the moment and it sounds pretty tight. I think if we get the vocalist we want it will be an awesome band. I guess sleep can wait although to be honest last year when I was touring and working in between I thought I would die at one point. Maybe I’mm too old for all this shit now?


I know that you were doing something with UK rapper Stig Of The Dump a couple of years ago but then the trail went cold. I asked him about it on Twitter about a year back and he said the hold up was at your end. Is this band still happening? Was anything recorded and if so how/when can we hear it?
The thing with Stig was good fun but it was hard getting Pieman and Wema to practise and write. We did record a version of his song HATER and it was released as a bonus track on the album ‘Mood Swings’. I will definitely pick up with him again at some point. Maybe even with Matty and Rob.



Photo Cred: Aga Hairesis

Tell us about your stand up comedy thing. You have actually got up there and done it haven’t you? When did you decide to do it?
Well, I’m the first to tell people when they criticise a band that they should stop complaining and try to do better themselves. I am very critical of comedians. Comedians are supposed to make you laugh so if I’m not laughing then I label them shit. I’m not talking about comedians we see on TV because usually they are funny even though they may not be your taste. I’m talking about comedians that I’ve watched live in smaller clubs and bars and just thought “you, my friend, are utter drivel” – so rather than just being a critic I thought I’d have a go myself to see how hard it can be.


So at what point did it become an actual reality?
I enrolled on a 6 week comedy writing course and performed at the end of it. It was possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done. The pressure of one light coming on you and a whole crowd of people sitting there (doing what I do to comedians) with a facial expression that says “go on then, make me laugh, bet you cant”. Its was very frightening but also very rewarding and the best ever natural high when I came off stage. I plan to do lots more in 2014.

I have Danny Evans’s copy of the Uphold music video you guys did at college and I’ve ripped it to Youtube. Tell us some more about it. How many songs were recorded with Danny singing? Can we hear them? Was there much of an evolution between the tracks written/recorded with Danny and the Knuckledust demo that it eventually morphed into?
I think there was 4 with Danny singing. We recorded them on our own 4 track, cassette recorder (Tascam). He wrote the lyrics. All 4 were on our first demo with a new KD song called Persevere which Pierre wrote the lyrics to. For the first CD I don’t think there was much evolution from where Danny left off apart from Pierre writing lyrics to one or two songs and that his voice was completely different. Musically it was much the same. As it is today. Hardcore music. If Danny wants to share it he can. I’d have no qualms about that but for me that ship has sailed. It was always about Knuckledust and the future.

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