WELP! It’s pretty much March..

…the f*ck did that happen??? The absurd Monsoon weather seems to be lightening up and we’re finally beginning to see some breaks in the clouds. I dig it. In the last few months I:

  • spent Christmas in New York
  • moved Showrooms
  • went back to Berlin
  • moved house

It’s been pretty hectic but now that my life is back on track, I can continue with TATB as intended. Here’s some cool shit I wanted to share with you, world:

This week, FUCT/SSDD blessed us with a preview of the “Safe At Home” SS14 collection . I love FUCT and SSDD even more. Rick Rodney (yes, from Strife) killt it with this imagery. I’m saying my Hail Mary’s and listening to Strife in the hope that I’m able to get my hands on some of these pieces.



There has been an abundance of “dope” “sneaker” “drops” lately (ugh, streetwear keyword overload, sorry). These snake skin Stan Smiths from Adidas Originals are the ONE. How cool is it that they’re literally sold out everywhere? Awesome </sarcasm> (photo cred: Sneaker Files).

stan smith

Lastly, do you follow Cam’Ron on instagram? If not, you’re slippin. The other day Cam posted a picture of his wife, Juju, trying on samples of WOMENS DIPSET CLOTHING?!?!


Do you have ANY idea how much i wanted the jersey? or the socks? or the  Cam-in-pink-fur-on-a-pink-phone socks? I will scalp whoever I have to get my hands on the Womens’ tracksuit, that’s all I’m sayin. DIPSET! (Pic stolen from Cam’s Instagram).

dipset womens

Alright, time to scrape the last of this Waitrose Moroccon hummus out of the container with some dry Ryvita. Here’s the video for “Oh Boy” by Killa Cam.

Diplomats are the…for the girls and the…

dipset neon


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