TRAVEL: From The Eastcoast To The Westcoast – PT 2

OMG, it’s been so long, I’m sorry. Shit’s been a little bit cray but I’m getting back on track.

….Ok, so where were we? Vegas. VEGAS.

After an insanely early start, we caught a flight across the country to Vegas.


We landed before midday. Our taxi driver had the most amazing toupee I’ve ever seen in my life. He didn’t speak the entire time. Not even to ask us where we were going. We made it to the hotel nonetheless. The MGM Grand.


The view from the room was awesome. We chilled most of the day as we’d spent a long time in transit.



Kelly showed us the ropes as she’s been many times before. We took a stroll up the strip, checked out Caesar’s, ate Cheesecake Factory (Dutch apple pie cheesecake, GTFO.) and I won $21 by accident. It was my first time gambling too.

IMG_5930 IMG_5934 IMG_5941 IMG_5943 IMG_5944 IMG_5986

The next day was very much about chilling. We lay by the pool and I couldn’t stop drinking Pina Colada slushies. They’re so dreamy! I literally did no partying in Vegas.



The girls got really sunburnt. I just got insane bikini marks and my nose started to peel after a couple days. Our friends Nat and Greg were also in Vegas so we met up with them. We went on the roller coaster at the NYNY. I screamed the whole time. Kelly’s picture was so good that we made key rings and got extra prints. On the last night, the girls went to see Motley Crue while I was a dribbling wreck from toothache. It was horrible but I managed to sleep and wake up in time for our bus to…



Yes, we took the bus. I prefer taking buses between cities in the US (within reason), you get to see so much. Although driving from Vegas to LA was pure desert for most of the way but it was super relaxing. We had seats at the front of the bus, Nat and Greg were a few seats behind. Kelly dozed most of the way while I read Game of Thrones.


Once in LA, we said goodbye to our friends and took a bus to our hotel. My toothache was still pretty gnar and I couldn’t eat much but we checked out the local area then went to hang with Martin from Terror. We met up with a crew of peoples and had awesome Italian food then went to a place called Cha Cha. There was someone’s dad in their 40s, off his nut on ecstasy who for real couldn’t stop dancing. It was awesome/hilarious/awesome.

Friday we checked out Hollywood boulevard, saw some signs, visited a lot of stores that sold stripper clothes and was tempted to buy half of it.

IMG_6041 IMG_6040

Saturday we took the bus to Venice to see my friend Nico (Ornamental Conifer) and his lovely fiancee, Steph. They’d recently gotten engaged in Portland and had travelled down as Nico had some work at a cool surf shop-come-cafe. My friend’s Raq and Bek came to visit me (from my previous post, Tomboy Steelo!) and give me a present. I love them, so cute!

IMG_6057 IMG_6058IMG_6058


Kelly and explored the boulevard and the beach. I chased a seagull (it’s the simple things). How sick are my muscles





Sunday, Martine joined us again after spending the weekend in SF. We had lunch with my friend Lori in Berverly Hills. Cheesecake Factory is THE ONE. Then we went to see Powertrip and Terror. I bumped into my friends Jorma and Matt from The Bronx and their friend Rudy who came with them when they toured Bronx VI in Europe back in March. Jorma came straight from a wedding and was wearing an insane 3-piece suit. He’s one of the most “IDGAF” people I know. I love and respect him for it. Had a minor (major) fangirl moment when i realised that MIKE GIANT WAS AT THE TERROR SHOW. I was too shy to approach him.


Monday was our last full day. We decided to get up early and hike to the Hollywood sign. Definitely a highlight of the trip! It was hard at some points and we even went the wrong way. Some older guy was power walking the whole time while we stopped every 100 yards to escape the heat. It was el-fuckin-scorchio, let me tell you.







We made it though and the view was so sick. Definitely one of my favourite holidays ever. I’m so glad I got to spend quality time with my best friends, see old friends and make some new ones <333


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