TRAVEL: From The Eastcoast To The Westcoast – PT1

Gotta gotta gotta go!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve no real excuse other than I’m a slacker……..and I’ve been away. I recently went on one of the best holidays ever. I’ve been to Caribbean on numerous occasions, I’ve been to Dubai and I’ve been to America at least once a year for the past 6 or 7 but this time was my absolute favourite.

Every time I talk to my Grandmother, she asks me “Where have you been this time? Can’t you keep still?!”. No, Granny. No, I cannot keep still. I started the first portion of my trip in my home from home – NYC. After a long ass flight with a malfunctioning screen (s’cool doe, I blitzed through the second Game Of Thrones book), I was picked up by my girl Melissa Brooklyn and driven directly to Champs in Williamsburgh. It’s a neat little Veggie diner/bakery and one of my favourite places to get food in NY. I can’t remember what I ate but it was fucking awesome.

IMG_5736 IMG_5737

We met a friendly dentist who talked to us about vegetarianism and Breaking Bad. He was cool. After dinner, Melissa and I went back to her place. We stayed up late, catching up and got attacked by a roach the size of a small dog. I can’t talk about it because it was horrifying.

The next day I had my nails done and went to meet The Warbird, Alex (from my previous post). She introduced me to her friend Bryan and together, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. How have I never done this before?! The weather was perfect. Warm, clear skies. The views and vibes were awesome.

IMG_5743 IMG_5745 IMG_5747 IMG_5757

At the Manhattan end of the bridge, I saw a guy in an No Turning Back shirt walking towards me and  thought “Oh that guy looks like Steven. WHUT?! That is Steven!!” – I’d run right into my friends from Holland. Small world, right? They were in America for Tsunami fest too. We stopped to say hi and continued on a mission to get pizza before I took a bus to Philly.


I made my bus by the skin of my teeth and arrived in Philly tired and cold from the air conditioning. Jamie picked me up and we watched The Hills Have Eyes 2 before jet lag whooped my behind.

The next day we ate at Honey’s with Jamie’s friend, Charlie. I had THE BEST eggs benedict.


After brunch (ew, I hate that word, it’s so douchy but accurate) I got a pedicure and a smoothie.

IMG_5778 IMG_5780

The first time I went to Philly I was so shocked by how small it is. I was expecting something similar to London or NY. WRONG. It’s amazing though, I walked around for hours, got lost, saw some shit. It was cool.


Philly Skyline 

IMG_5795 IMG_5796

The Masonic Temple


Love Park


City Hall from Broad Street

That night I met up with some friends for drinks and rolled in at 2am, piss drunk. I had to ask the bar man from the downstairs to help me turn the key in the lock as this is something that I always struggle with (even at home). My last day in Philly consisted of more awesome brunch (ugh) and naps. The next day, J dropped me off in centre city and I took a bus to Reading for Eastcoast Tsunami fest.


Iced pumpkin hype jawn for the bus ride


Me with Raydust and Baxter from KD


HAD to oblige when I saw these Reebok classics for $30


Asked Ray to take a picture of me with the homegirls so, of course, he took a selfie


My boo’s! (L-R Melissa, Kelly, Jess, Martine, Myself and Natalie)

I took a ton of videos which I won’t bore you with but I saw so many dope bands at ECT. The Cro Mags, Terror, Hatebreed, E Town Concrete, Wisdom In Chains, Strength For A Reason, Twitching Tongues, Angel Dust, Death Threat and Lifeless all killed it. Knuckledust also played. It was nice to be among friends from all over. UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, everywhere. I don’t care what any one says, hardcore rules. After the show we said our goodbyes, breezed back to the hotel for a 2hr power nap and was up again at 3am to drive to Philly so we could catch our flight to VEGAS…….


………which I will tell you about in another post because I need to go watch the new season of American Horror Story. Keep an eye out for more updates this week ya heaux’s.


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