The Bronze Trade Feat Waka Flocka Flame


BOW BOW BOW! If, like me, you’re a huge Waka Flocka fan then you will understand how siked I am for the homies at The Bronze Trade.

TBT is a collaborative project between 3 friends – Chazz, Tailby and Sam. These boys put together a neat clothing brand and also curate a sweet lifestyle blog, consisting mostly of tour/travel journals and photographic evidence of their parties and escapades . While on the road with Your Demise, the boys ran into Flockaveli at Pukklepop festival and, well, here’s what happend…

  CNV00070rs CNV00068rs

It’s been cool watching these guys grow and I’m certainly excited to see what happens for them in the future! Be sure to peep their blog and grab something from their webstore. The Warriors shirt is my favourite. SSSSSSQQQQUUUUAAAAAAD!!


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