Thou Shall Not Covet…

Yeah, Right. The amount of time I spend scrolling through blogs thinking “WANT. NEED. OMG, I NEED THIS!” is quite astonishing. Sometimes, I wonder if my insatiable desire to have things makes me a shitty person. I forget about it quickly though because, quite frankly, IDGAF.


Box Braids

You know, it’s funny. The last time that I had box braids, I was 8 or 9 years old and my dad took them out within an hour of them being done – I cried because they were too tight so he was like “fuck it”.


                                                 “LA Hands” by Estevan Oriol                      Aaliyah “Baby Girl” cover by Dimepiece
I’m that shallow person that cares about the cover on their iPhone. My iPhone 4 was smashed to shit and I don’t plan on letting that happen again. These two covers are so rad. I’ve been kicking myself for not buying the zip hood  that Estevan Oriol did with this exact print on it for Upper Playground. ALSO, who the hell doesn’t love Aaliyah? (RIP Baby Girl).


Brass W by Windfall Jewellery

FAM. If you know how much i love Wu Tang then you know how much I love this. If any of you should take leave of your senses and decide that you want to propose to me, bring me this (encrusted in diamonds) and I may consider it. Maybe…


iPod Classic

Somehow, I’ve managed to lose my iPod and, thus, my sanity. I’m usually really careful with my things but I for real have NO IDEA where my it is. I’m too bummed to talk about it.


Thrasher Blanket

I see you with your Pendleton x Ralph Lauren collab hype and raise you with this. The coolest blanket of all time.



When I found out that Moreos weren’t a real thing, I shed tears. Of blood. Do not toy with my emotions. I work very hard at keeping them suppressed and they are not to be taken lightly.


Twitching Tongues – In Love There Is No Law

I NEED THIS RECORD. Click the link about to stream the whole damn thing on Lambgoat. I was obsessed with Sleep Therapy and was curious to see how they would progress with ILTINL. I just played it 3 times, back to back, because it’s that awesome. Tracks 2, 3, 5 and 8 are my favourite. Be sure to check it out!


Nike Mayfly Woven QS

I slept on the Mayfly Woven the first time around. Praise be to the Nike gods for rereleasing these as part of the super limited Quick Strike program. I’ve made multiple iCal alerts so that I don’t miss out this time.


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