An Ode To Zara – How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..

After reading this post on ManRepeller, i figured I’d write my own little love song to my main heaux, Zara. Up until about 3 years ago, I categorically refused to shop at Zara. There was no way in hell that my 24 year old ass was ever going to step foot in an old lady store yet, every time I asked someone where they got their coat/tshirt/jeans/shoes they’d respond with “Oh this? It’s from Zara”.

Well guess what? Now my 27 year old self is obsessed with Zara. Other high street stores just don’t cut it. Besides H&M (which i’m becoming less and less interested in by the day), Zara is my “go to” store for “on trend”, “seasonal” pieces and ALL of the faux leather. I guess this is where i’m supposed to apologise for the overuse of quotation marks but I’m not going to because the semantic field that engulfs fashion is so cringe and this is my blog so it’s whatever.

We digress. I popped into a Zara recently. It was mid-sale and at the Westfields mall in Stratford which, if you’ve never been before, is hell on earth. Like, for real. Everything was crazy, 3/4 of the store was colour co-ordinated sale stock and it was a Sunday, so it was full of vultures but I still managed to make mental notes of my favourite pieces from their Pre-Fall collection.


Cropped Sweater – £29.99                           Faux Leather Shorts – £25.99


Striped Crossover Shirt – £29.99                 Baggy Crossover Jumpsuit – £59.99


Funnel Collar Dress – £59.99                         Hooded Wool Coat – £79.99

Yes, I’m fully aware that everything is black, white, black & white or grey but, being that I work for a denim brand (and that I am a self-confessed eternal Goth), neutral colours work well for me.

So Zara, this is me bigging you up. Giving you props for being cool as shit, affordable and making me look like a grown up (to a degree).

EDIT: How many fucking times have i said “Zara”? I don’t think I’ve said it enough. Zara, Zara, Zara.


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