LIFE: Going Underground – A Photo Series By Yemisi Brookes


A few weeks ago, my friend Yemisi asked if she could take pictures of my on my way to work for a project that she was working on so, obviously I obliged because  Yemisi is mad cool. I met her via a mutual friend when she needed people for a fashion segment on the BBC show ‘No Hats No Trainers’ and I also worked with her for a very brief time at Net-A-Porter.Com, logging vintage catwalk footage from the 80’s and 90’s. On my first day at N-A-P, they looked at me as though I was lost and/or on drugs. Imagine some chick with a shaved head, flannel shirt and docs rocking up to work at one of the biggest high end online retailers in the history of the internet? I explained it to Yemisi and she laughed because she’d had the same reaction when she turned up in sweatpants…

Anyway, Yem has a rad photography blog and had been approached by Leica to try out their new D-Lux 6 by G-Star RAW model. Here’s what she had to say

I travel on the tube a lot, but never see anyone I know. What if, alongside the 28 million commuters that use the underground every week, all my favourite people that I regularly see overground, appeared on every tube journey that I took? The great looking new Leica D-Lux Edition by G-Star RAW, with its fast lens, incredible zoom range and compact body is the perfect fit for capturing a series of beautiful and dynamic photographs to show a stylish, fun, young London

And here are some of the end results!


L1000338 copy

Disclaimer: I’m pretty much head-to-toe in Edwin, HA!


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