LIFE: So apparently, I lost my mind and starting working out?

Yeah, das right. I said it.

No but really though, I’m nearly 30 (*Lindsay Lohan cry face*) and figured it was about damn time I start getting fit because a) not being able to run for a bus means that, potentially, if I had to run for my life, I wouldn’t be able to and b) I don’t want a “porridge butt” any more (thanks Mum).

I’ve been going to the gym with my friend, Laila, who’s been acting as my personal trainer. She’s so rad. She doesn’t laugh every time I fall – face first – off the gym ball. Having her with me is super fun and makes me fell less self-conscious with all those tonk broskis throwing kettle bells around like they’re bits of confetti. We even got locked in one night but I’ll explain that another time.

Anyway, I have insanely flat feet. Like, really, really flat and, as a result, I have the worst joints. My hips and  knees seize up when the weather is cold/wet/humid. It sucks and I have no idea what causes it. I had X-Ray’s when I was 12 and the nurse asked my mother if there was any chance that I could be pregnant. After the blasting that she received from Grace, she won’t be doing that again.

Veggies and Vegans – pay attention. I don’t take supplements/vitamins so I figure that now might be a good time to start. After an intense leg day (ew, I already sound like a gym rat), my hip has seized up. I wear knee supports but is there a supplement say, a veggie equivalent to cod liver oil, that I can take that’ll lube these rickety joints of mine?



A very sore and creeky Niesh


P.S- I did TWO HOURS of Zumba with my mum and Kelly to raise money for a Pancreatic Cancer charity. See me Zumba-ing about the place for the foreseeable.

P.P.S – Don’t worry, naps are still my J-O-B and I’m still MVP. I slept all day on Sunday to restore balance to the universe.


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