WANT: VanS X DQM “I <3 NY"


I first visited Dave’s Qaulity Meat years ago when it was a tiny basement store, hidden away in the vortex that is New York City. Since they’ve expanded so much and now, as I’m sure you know, have a neat store solely (see what I did there?) dedicated to Vans – the Vans DQM General.

I just glimpsed these while trawling through my google reader and now I have a lamb, waiting to be sacrificed in order to obtain them. I do actually love NY. I’ve spent a lot of time there in recent years and have come to think of it as my home-from-home. I step off the plane at JFK, buy some crunchy cheetos, some Orbit “Bubblemint” chewing gum, a peach snapple, hail a taxi to Brooklyn and I’m set.

NY, you my ryde or die and I NEED THESE GOTDAM SHOES.


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