Tomboy Steelo

For the most part, I dress like a teenage boy. I mean, all of my style icons are Eastcoast rappers and hardcore vocalists from the 90s, so I guess we can’t really expect much more, right?


Method Man/WuTang (36 Chambers era)


Nas c. I Am (minus the du-rag, c’mon fam)

350_underdog imgres

Richie Birkenhead (Underdog era)

tumblr_lx8ablexAW1r12zuso1_500 Eddie_2

Eddie Sutton of Leeway fame 


Suicidal Tendencies

I’ve always loved the aesthetic of work and sportswear that seems to be prevalent in both scenes. It may sound corny but whenever i watch music videos and films from that era, I get chills. You can imagine the first day of my internship at Carhartt – WIP . I legitimately lost my mind over everything. The design and execution of the more technical pieces, it was other worldly. My friend Laura, who interned with me, would chuckle to herself every time she caught me walking around the showroom in some sort of trance, touching the clothing, finding hidden features. Now that I’m at Edwin Europe I’m in my element. Hidden pockets, zippers, wear and repair, industrial and technical fabrics up and down the shop. I can’t get enough!

That being said, sometimes I want to look and feel like a woman (*BARF* that was some SATC/Carrie Bradshaw bullshit but it was the best analogy I could think of). Don’t get it twisted though, I don’t want to be “girly”. Why any grown ass adult would want to look like Annie is totally beyond me and, quite frankly, makes me sick in my mouth a little bit (BBG’s, PLEASE STOP WEARING THOSE CREEPY FRILLY SOCKS THAT 5 YEAR OLDS WEAR).

Here are examples of badass chicks who I feel manage to find the perfect balance between tomboy and feminine:


Aaliyah – OG Tombabe (RIP)

tumblr_m522e384Gf1qbgejoo1_500 pegleg-vashtie tumblr_lxcoech4jG1qjbokeo1_500

Va$htie Kola – Downtown’s Sweetheart



SharmadeanReid_5 tumblr_m4wkfy7Lsf1qadlzpo1_1280

Sharmadean Reid – Founder/Director of WAH Nails

tumblr_ml2ep0kb5L1qdqlnso1_1280 GQ-Editorial-Adrianne-Ho-For-Unis-By-Jake-Davis-02

Night-Stunting-in-SoHo-with-Adrianne-Ho-Shot-by-Jake-Davis-01 jake-davis-test-shots-adrianne-ho-featuring-supreme-varsity-jacket-0

Adrianne Ho – Model 

tumblr_mk3pp2u3f91rurvceo1_1280 tumblr_m22up6pq2P1r4v3jzo1_500 tumblr_mfenpnX4qv1rurvceo1_500 tumblr_mjv4a3fiP51qd0qsjo1_1280

Mellany Sanchez

Shout out to all my fellow tombabes out there, especially the beautiful Trap Twunz, Yung Bek & Raq Villacarlos, I see you!

tumblr_mdyrxrkMtY1rvcpwlo1_1280 tumblr_mclz76F47t1rb34v9o1_1280

tumblr_mk9x3rT96s1rvcpwlo1_1280 tumblr_mdkaioENyo1rb34v9o1_1280

tumblr_mdghz2ViNm1rb04ibo1_1280 tumblr_mk6mc3WI7v1rvcpwlo1_1280


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