Pharelle Williams interviews Henry Rollins for Artst Tlk

“DA FUQ?!” is my genuine reaction to many things on a daily basis but this morning i had my mind “Let’s Get BLOWN”. Brownie points for you if you get that reference.

YO but DAWG, on the real, I love Henry Rollins. I have to admit that I’m not a Black Flag superfan (chill out, I still rate them) but I loved Rollins band, I’ve seen Uncle Hank do spoken word every year for the last while and even casually bumped into him on the Southbank when I was leaving a restaurant after one of his stints at The Barbican. He was mad cool.

Anyway, I came across this interview on my tumblr feed this morning while on the train, IRATE at the fact that my train service is actually a myth and that I was delayed AGAIN for the 8th day in a row (If you can avoid it, don’t use First Great Western trains as they don’t exist). I was scrolling through, pretty disinterested until I saw a mirage of Henry and Pharelle sat across from each other, gleaming from the cracked screen of my iPhone.


I watched and my achy, frowning forehead was no longer quite so sore and achy. FGW can still S my D though.

Video after the jump.




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