LIVE: Nas @ The O2 Arena

No but wait, I saw Nas last night, yo.

On a grey, rainy and exceptionally quiet Monday at the store, I got a call from our PR agency – “Niesh, you’ll never guess who wants Edwin?”. I always freak out expecting it to be Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, someone from my Imaginary Husband list (don’t act like you don’t have one too, betch).

Nasty Nas. Nas Escobar. Nasir Jones. Whut? WHUT? Nas. You can imagine my reaction. Along with one of his UK style connects, Julien, I put together a little Edwin care package for Mr Jones.


ED47 Blurred Wash   ~   ED39 Unwashed – Red Selvage


Bronco Jacket   ~   Airborne T

As a thank you, Julien came through with the hook up and I got a ticket at the very last minute! I put on like seven different outfits, settled on the first one and bolted across London to the o2 Arena.


London’s O2 Arena

photo copy

Not only did I get a ticket…I got access to the VIP Club Lounge and a pass for the Aftershow too! (hash tag Humble Brag). We had amazing seats and, needless to say, the show was the bombdiggy.

photo copy 2

The show opened with the intro to Nas’ most recent record – Life Is Good.  The lights came up and The Don was sat with Kelis’ (green?!?!) wedding dress, as with the cover of the new jawn. I’m a huge Kelis fan but this cracked me up (sorry bbz).

He played ALL the jams with a live band! Every single one. I posted a ton of pics on my Instahoe  and even a cool Vine clip. I’m sorry if you follow me on twitter also, I just get stan-ish about things i really love, ok?

photo copy 4

Hate Me Now

photo copy 6

If I ruled The World

He played Daughters and I almost cried. Sounds lame but, as a daughter/daddy’s girl, that shit hit home. He also played Cherry Wine which I was into it until the corny mirage of Amy Winehouse appeared on the screens. Oochi Wally into You Owe Me into Get Down!??! I was entirely in the bin.

I wish I was able to stay for the After Party but my bed was calling (slingin’ jeans is hard work, ok?!). A huge thank you Julien at Nike, Mega SAS and my brother Ben Ari (mazel) for making it all possible!

Please watch this video. It epitomises everything I love about the Don Dadda: Half Man, Half Amazin’


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