My February Favourites are up on my channel now!

I realise that a lot of these are gifts and that this comes off as somewhat of a haul but they’re actually my faves from the month (disclaimer: this video is not sponsored).

Here we go..

Sleek Make Up – iDivine Palette in “storm” – £7.99

Real Techniques – Silicone Liner brush – £5.99

NYX Cosmetics – Soft Matte Lip Creams in Transylvania, Abu Dhabi and Copenhagen (not available in the UK)

Natralus – Paw Paw ointment (NON petroleum based) £10

Sandqvist Bags – Britt Wallet 129 euro/£100

Sandqvist Bags – Ingrid Bag 429euro/£312 (roughly)

Signet Ring (vintage) – A R Ullman £75 (i said this wrong in the video!)

Missoni x Target Notebook

Great Coat Outerwear – Pea Coat

Speculoos Spread – £2.25


If there’s one thing I love, it’s a real deal, down ass chick. Vashtie Kola ticks all of those boxes. Her resume is as long as my arm – director, dj, designer, model. She’s collaborated with G-Shock, designed for I Am Other (to name a few) aaaaaand is the first woman to have her own Jordan. If that doesn’t inspire you then I don’t know what will.

Last night, Vashtie launched a collaboration with sportswear giants, PUMA, in her native New York with a traditional fashion show at Webster Hall that was live streamed on Revolt TV. The collection was modelled by some of her NY friends and the show was attended by friends, creatives, designers and taste-makers alike.

Vashtie (center) with her posse

Queen Vashtie

Model, Nianga

Model, Ade Oyeyemi

Model, Chynna Rogers

Black & gold is my favourite colour combination and I love that the collection is unisex! Need the black/gold suedes more than I need oxygen rn.

Peep Vashtie’s website for the low down of the event. See the short film that accompanies the release below!

Disclaimer: Images taken from WWW.VASHTIE.COM

FRIDAY FAVOURITES: Sandqvist Bags, Game of Thrones & Drake

It’s Friday and you know babygirl is bout it, bout it. Here are some of my favourites from this week…


Wallet – Sandqvist (gift), Rain Coat (black), Baller Bomber (camo) & Holly pant (khaki) all by Edwin Europe

My love affair with Sandqvist began some time ago when I purchased the Lisbet tote. It’s the perfect execution of a simple tote bag, robust in structure and classic in colour (Cognac). Then I progressed to the Helmer backpack – a gift from my loves at Brand Progression- in the exact same fabric. Initially, I intended to use this while riding only but somehow it spilled over into life outside of cycling and now I take it everywhere. It has a neat pocket on the front and has a deep pocket. I’ve worn it in the scorching sun and torrential downpours and love how the wears are beginning to show.

Onto the wallet. We really need to talk about this because the homies at BP really hooked ya gurl UP. When I opened the box, my body was overrun by all of the feels. Not only was (am) I super grateful for such a generous gift but this really is the perfect wallet.

I toyed with the idea of getting a Comme Des Garcon wallet for a really long time but I could never justify it. Especially when brands like YSL and Sophie Hulme offer something that’s a lot better quality for not much more. We digress.

The Britt wallet is about the size of my hand, has tons of space for cards, pictures and a compartment for change. Again, it’s robust in terms of composition and it’s comes in the classic black, buttery leather. Prior to this I was fumbling around between a coin pouch and a card holder. Why? Who the eff knows but I shan’t be making that mistake again. It retails at 129euro & is available on the Sandqvist website.



“A Dance With Dragons Part 1: Dreams & Dust” by George R Martin

A guy I was seeing for a very short period of time (he soon became a white walker, RIP boo) put me onto Game of Thrones – the HBO TV adaptation of George R Martin’s “A Song of Fire & Ice“.

At first, I thought it would be complete garbage but, actually, unlike the dude (who turned out to be entirely wack), it was INCREDIBLE. I was instantly hooked and binge watched the first season in no time at all. I’m really not into sci-fi. I think Star Wars sucks and I’d honestly rather pour salt directly into my eyeballs than sit through Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter but, somehow, this is different.

My boss literally hazed me when I suggested that he watch the TV series. Imagine his reaction when he clocked that I was reading the entire series as well as/in between watching? I read a novel a month (i only really read on public transport sooo…and I’m slow) until I got to this one. I had to put it down for a few months because it wasn’t going anywhere fast but I picked it up again recently and remembered why I’d become so engrossed in it in the first place. After this, I have one more to go. Apparently, the next instalment is due in 2017. In the wise words of the Jigga Man – “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOOOORR?” George?!

New season of the TV show airs on April 20th. LEH WE GO!


It…It’s like…he read my mind. I mean, I always thought that Drake was some sort of sorcerer but the surprise release of his new mixtape confirms a lot for me. I said to myself no more than two days ago that it’d be really cool to hear something new from Tdot’s very own and then he went and Yonce’d on us.

Drake, much like Nicki Minaj KILLS IT when it comes to features but his own records have always been that much more special for me. It’s really difficult to put out an album that has bangers front to back. If I can’t turn it off and know all the words within a week then it’s great. If I go back to it consistently? That sh*t’s skr8 fire yo. I’ve done exactly that will all of Drake’s albums AND I went to see him in Brussels. Do I love him? No. Do I want his tour babies? Nah son. Would I like to hang & shoot the shit? Maybe. Drizzy, you got me with this one. Eff all the haters.

What are some of your favourite accessories? Are there any books or records that you immerse yourselves in?

I need to go to sleep.

All images taken with iPhone 5, edited with VSCOcam except the Drake album cover

FRIDAY FAVOURITES: Mac Studio Fix Foundation & Jacket Required Portable Charger

Wasssssuuuppppppppp???? (Do you guys still do that? It will never not be funny to me).

Life has been pretty cray – I moved back in with my parents (temporarily) and spent two days traipsing back and forth from our showroom to the Truman Brewery for Jacket Required. Tried to fit in socialising, yoga and house viewings…and failed. I managed to do yoga though so that’s something I guess…

In an attempt to add more structure to this here weblog, I’m adding the first of a few new categories. I really enjoy doing product reviews and sharing some of the things I love so every Friday I will post my favourites from the week. Here goes…

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC55 from MAC Cosmetics

I’m pretty loyal to brands, particularly when it comes to make up. Partly because I’m lazy and don’t wear it every day and also because I’m not the most experimental. But still, who doesn’t love a good face beat? (yaaaasss hunnaaayyy).

I’ve been using Studio Sculpt from MAC for years. I love the full coverage HOWEVER, as mentioned in recent youtube video, I’m not so into looking shiny. An artist at the MAC store described the finish as “dewy” which made me sick in my mouth a bit because lez be honest, I don’t want to look like I have a permanent nervous sweat going on and I don’t like the feeling of setting powder. In the past, I’ve used their Mineralize Moisture foundation which was too shimmery and one other which I can’t actually remember the name of but it was a cream and came in a cute compact.

This though…The assistant did a swatch on my jaw line and I could instantly tell the difference. It glides on, offers full coverage, and it doesn’t feel like I’m wading through a cloud of moist smog. This will last me about a year so I didn’t mind paying £21.50. Shout out to the artist that served me and stopped me from walking into a set of locked doors….Click here to check it out.

Jacket Required Portable Charger

Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I was working at Jacket Required – a menswear trade show, held at the Truman Brewery in East London. Every season, the organisers provide exhibitors with a branded notebook and pencil, a plant and a neat gadget. Last summer, we were givenn a battery powered fan (which was SO necessary as the building is like a greenhouse). This season we were gifted some awesome portable chargers! They came with a USB lead and attachments for iPhones (4, 5 and 6) and Android devices. I’m always running out of battery so this will come in super handy. It’s small and will fit in any size bag. Stoked on this as I’d been putting off buying one for some time.

What are some of your favourites from this week?



2015 has gotten off to a great start so far with the release of two great records from Joey Bada$$ and the homies in Turnstile and this. Wood Wood is a brand that I’ve slept on, purely because I associate it with that Scandi Oxford-shirt, Crewneck-sweat, Unwashed denim or Chinos, New-Balance, and a five panel with Harry Potter glasses lookSO done with “norm-core”. The exact same reason I could care less about Norse Projects but SON. AYFKMRN?!

Who remembers the Youth Crew revival in the hardcore c2002-4 when it was cool to dress like it was 1987? Band hoodie printed on Champion, Champion “mosh shorts”, Champion socks with the C logo and Nike sneakers – either a pair or J’s, Air Max 1’s or AM 90’s. Everyone looked like the Gorilla Biscuits gorilla.

Gary Warnett of Gwarizm writes about Champion often and at great length. His article, aptly names Blood, Sweatshirts & Tears, pinpoints exactly how myself, and apparently many others have been left feeling disappointed in the past with minimal offerings of decent gear. He also hails the few stores that have managed to get their hands on some of the more niche Reverse Weave and various other basic pieces.

This collaboration, is just, ugh, so perf. Available exclusively one the Wood Wood site and at Urban Outfitters, this capsule collection is made up of seven timeless sportswear pieces. This is every Tombabe’s dream. The women’s pieces aren’t pink and the mens pieces can certainly be rocked oversize. I need ALL of them. Below are my favourite images from the lookbook.


Images copied from High Snobiety



If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that, for the month of January, I started a Youtube channel and set myself the challenge of posting a video a day. You’ll also know that I haven’t posted a video every day but I have been posting regularly.

In a very short space of time, I taught myself about recording, editing, rendering, transcoding, uploading, downloading, sideways loading…you can see where I’m heading with this but basically, what I’m getting at is that it never would’ve crossed my mind to put myself out there in this way, let alone teach myself all of this STUFF. But you know what they say, “If you want something done properly, do it yourself“.

I’ve always done things myself. As an only child/teenager, I would make the things I wanted because I wasn’t given pocket money, I preferred my own company and I was never just given things. I would amend my clothing or spend hours in the kitchen, mixing things together during school holidays. This has always stuck with me. Being a strict vegetarian for most of my 20’s meant weekend experiments baking and replicating some of the food that I loved as a kid. I’ve also learned that if you can do it yourself, than you should. Or at least try.

I’m so pleased with what I’ve accomplished since January 1st and have received so many cool messages of encouragement. I’ll definitely keep posting after the month is over!

In the mean time, I just posted a new video today. Please take a look and make sure you subscribe to my channel!






A few weekends ago, I pottered around Hackney Wick and took some snaps with the lovely Henry Knock. This picture ended up on the Vans Girls’s Top 5 Favourites last week. Stoked to be featured among some other cool cats.

Definitely looking forward to doing more with Henry. In the mean time, check out Henry’s work.

  • Monument Coat – Edwin Europe
  • 55 Flight pant – Edwin Europe
  • Sneakers – Vans Old Skool
  • Sunglasses – Aldo

Photography – Henry Knock

Styling, Hair and Make Up – Me