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Back to scheduled programming – CHOCOLATE CHIP OATMEAL COOKIE PANCAKES?!

After seeing the recipe on Minimalist Baker, I decided to make them for my boyfriend and his son this past weekend and…


I adapted the recipe as the ingredients I has weren’t vegan. I also eyeballed everything….which doesn’t help but they came out great nonetheless. Here’s what I used, roughly…

  • 1/2 cup self raising flour
  • 1/2 cup of wholewheat flour
  • 1/2 cup organic oats
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 a banana -mashed
  • 1 egg (or your fave egg replacer)
  • 1 tbsp melted butter (or vegan spread)
  • Some water – I would suggest using some sort of milk here; Almond or Coconut would’ve been my preference but I ran out of both.
  • cinnamon
  • 1 bar of Bournville dark chocolate, smashed up
  • coconut oil for frying

I mixed all of the dry ingredients then added the wet, one at a time,  adding as much water as necessary and the butter last. The batter will naturally thick due to the oats. You want to loosen it so that the pancakes don’t end up like bricks.

I kept them small and used a non-stick pan to fry them in coconut oil. I only had to re-up on the oil once as i don’t like when they go crispy at the edges or soggy. We had ours with butter and maple syrup. The boys lapped them up!

What are some of your favourite pancake recipes?





There comes a point in your mid-late twenties when you notice that the wedding invites start coming in thick and fast. I never know what to wear and I always end up recycling something here or there.

In a few weeks, my friend is getting married on the Jersey Shore (the nice part, no “Snookie”s or “Situation”s or wig snatches here, thank you very much) and I just don’t want to wear anything that’s currently collecting dust in my wardrobe. My budget isn’t huge so I had a look on ASOS and found some pretty cool pieces in their Mid-Season Sale that accommodate my need to be comfortable at all times whilst retailing at under £25. You know babygirl loves a bargain…

Shift Dress With Roll Neck £12.50

Swing Dress With Funnel Neck £15


Sheer & Solid T Shirt Dress £14


Midi Skater Dress With Shell Top £22.50

I went for dresses because I wear pants every day and for convenience because I’ll be living out of a suitcase for the 10 days that I’m in America. All of these styles adhere to my “maximum cosy at all times” mantra and I know, I know,  you’re not supposed to wear white to a wedding but eff the rules. I do what I want. My mum always tells me off for wearing too much black – especially to weddings – but really and truly, who cares? So long as it’s not red or animal print, I think we’re good to go…

I can wear these all of these with a leather jacket and some boots. Hope the weather turns out nice for my friend’s special day!



HOOD MORNING! Just. It’s 11.21 as I type this which technically means that it’s almost afternoon here in the metropolis of Londinium…

OK, so. MAKE UP. I’ve been a tomboy my whole life (I went through a brief period in my early of trying to be more “feminine” and I sucked at it) and make up was never a huge deal for me. Like, ever. Liiiiiike, I didn’t buy foundation until i was 21 and even then, I had no idea wtf i was doing with it.

Now that I’m older (and hopefully a little wiser), I’ve grown to really enjoy wearing make up. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I don’t wear it every day. In fact, I hardly wear it at all but I like to wear it on shoots and when I want to look my best or if I just feel like covering up some scars.

Youtube and Instagram have opened my eyes to some awesome MUA’s (make up artists) and some really cool beauty brands. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough (or care enough) about contouring just yet. I’m holding off on buying more hair & beauty products until I get to America (3.5 weeks!) but here’s what’s on my list of stuff to buy when I’m out there!

  1. NARS Illuminator in “Orgasm”I used to hate dewy looking make up but actually, it’s awesome when done right (ie. the skin doesn’t look sweaty)
  2. Natasha Denona Face Cream Shimmer in “Dark” – I just want to look like a golden goddess, can I live?!
  3. Too Faced “Better Than Sex” MascaraI’ve seen good things about this, particularly from the homegirl Rhian aka WIFELIFE (follow her, particularly if you’re vegan/environmentally conscious/appreciate a sense of humour – @rhianhy/@wifelife). 
  4. NYX Highlight & Contour Pro SinglesLike I said, I don’t really care too much about contouring but the price of this product is too good not to at least try.
  5. MUJI Black Cotton BudsOk, this isn’t really a necessity. In fact, it isn’t at all, the white ones are just as good, I just like the fact that these are black.
  6. MAC Lip Pencil in Cork and OakOccasionally I’ll wear a bright lipstick but lately, I’m digging a more nude/natural look.
  7. Ben Nye Banana PowderTwo of my favourite MUA’s, Ellarie (@ellarie) & Yarisbeth (@yariszbeth) use this product in their tutorials. They both have a similar complexion to my own and their make up always turns out perf so I figure I’ll give it a shot.
  8. Morphe 18 piece brush setI have some brushes and tend to only use the same few over and over so they’re a little worse for wear. I’ve seen this brand all over le ‘tube so I think I’ll update my tools with these.
  9. Acrylic OrganizerAt present, all of my make up is in the bottom half of a mini hamper which is cute but not organized! Something like this will help me to get my stuff in order.
  10. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder – Another one that the beauty nerds are raving about. I’m just getting back into using powders so let’s see how this one goes…
  11. COVER FX Custom Cover DropsSON! This is right up my street. I could use something like this for the days when I’d prefer a tinted moisturiser. I’ve never liked the idea of the pre-made one so being able to mix this with my jojoba oil is the dream! Shout outs to @ItsMyRayeRaye for the heads up on this.
  12. Natasha Denona “Blackest Black” EyeshadowI watched Natasha’s smokey eye tutorial and was instantly sold on this. It reminds me of traditional kajal or khol 

What are some of your makeup/beauty must haves? Here’s some make up I did the other day to go check out a the opening of a photography exhibition. How’d I do?!

FACE: MAC Studio Sculpt in NC55, MAC Pro Long wear Concealer (colour correction), MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW40 (gentle highlight), MAC Blot Powder in Dark. BROWS: Dark Brown powder from “Big Beautiful Eyes” palette and MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW40 to clean/highlight. EYES: Beige colour from Sleek MakeUp’s iDivine Palette in “Storm”, Mascara from Estee Lauder. CHEEKS: MAC Mineralized Blush in “Love Thing”. LIPS: NARS lipstick Belle De Jour


Alright, alright. Time to get serious for a minute. Cultural Appropriation is a term that I keep seeing, all over the internerdz and I’m so happy that people are talking and being vocal.

I’m a black woman. I grew up in the metropolis of West London, a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. My parents ensured that as a child, I was made aware of who I am, where I’m from, the struggles that black people have faced throughout history (and still face today), and I was taught about the plethora of strong, black social figures that inspire so many of us today. I was also taught that as a POC (person of colour), I would might find that I have to work twice as hard as others and, ultimately, to treat people how you would like to be treated – with respect.

Yesterday, I came across this video – made by Amandla Stenberg (from The Hunger Games) along with a classmate for a history project.  Amandla articulates the points of her argument without all of the keyboard aggression that just really bums me out when scrolling through Tumblr.

One of my favourite things in life is learning about new cultures, exploring new things and sharing my culture with others. One of my least favourite things is people taking attributes of things that I identify as my culture* (or any other culture for that matter) and turning it into something that lacks sincerity (yes, my baby hairs are laid with the utmost sincerity). For example – people using patois phrases like “blood”, pointing inwards, awkwardly hopping from one foot to another, swapping T’s with D’s with their baseball cap flipped backwards and adding “innit?” to the end of every sentence. Like, who actually does that? Why is it funny? Who are you mocking?

I could go on and on…………….and on and on and on but social issues like this really drag me down. I really wanted to share this as I think it’s super important for people to have a basic understanding of why cultural appropriation sucks and why we should do each other the courtesy of treating one another with respect.






*I would consider my culture to be primarily black (my race), afro-caribbean (my descent), urban (because I was born and raised in a city, not because I’m black).


Heyyoooooo, been a minute! I’ve been a little overwhelmed with moving house, work and my BIRTHDAY. Yes. I’m now 29. Which isn’t old but my baby cousins aren’t babies anymore. They’re like 16 and go to Camden or to the club or…omg, I’m going to have an anxiety attack. No. They’re still babies to me. Anyway, I haven’t posted a Friday Favourite in a while so here’s one for yew.

I kind of neglected my skin routine whilst I was in between my parents’ and my boyfriend’s place and was totally able to tell the difference. I was drinking less water, sleeping less, I was being sloppy with my food and I just was being lazy all round. Last night I decided to take 5 minutes out to do a face scrub before bed and GURL! Let me tell YOU. My skin felt amazebawlz.


Here’s what I used:

  • 1 Teaspoon of Castor Sugar (soft brown sugar would be better but I used what I had)
  • 2 teaspoons of Honey
  • 2 drops of pure Tea Tree Oil



  1. mix the sugar and honey together in a small bowl
  2. add two drops of Tea Tree oil*
  3. stir it up
  4. apply all over face with the back of the teaspoon
  5. rub it into skin gently to warm up the honey
  6. remove with a damp warm cloth

*NB: Be careful using pure Tea Tree oil! Only a couple drops are needed. I managed to scald my face by using it on a spot without a carrier oil.

Tone as usual (i used Aloe Vera juice as my toner’s run out) and moisturise with oil/cream of choice (I used Vitamin E oil as I have scarring from pimples that I’m trying to fade).

How easy is that?  I was kind of surprised at the results. My skin instantly looked brighter and felt super soft. I think I’ll try to do this once a week to keep my skin looking bright and tight (ha!).

Have you tried making any scrubs at home? What are your some of your favourite recipes?



I’ve been vegetarian for about 10 years now. For the first two years, I struggled with constant fatigue/anaemia whilst studying for my degree and working two jobs. At one point, I remember being unable to even get off the couch and I had no idea why. In more recent years, I’ve suffered from bouts of incurable cracked and chapped lips, breathlessness (even while stationary), crazy fatigue and unable to feel warm.

Photo Cred:

After convincing myself that I had a brain tumor and diabetes, I deduced that it was probably down to an Iron deficiency so I try to stay on top of it by eating iron rich foods (broccoli and kale) as well as taking supplements and vitamins (mostly when I’m feeling run down as I don’t like to put too many things into my body at once).


Photo cred:

Sometimes health jargon can be snooze inducing but I found this really cool write up on Iron & Vegetarianism from OhMyVeggies to be really helpful. Click the pic to check it out!

How do you cope with symptoms of anaemia and stay on top of your iron intake?



I’ve known Pete & John guys since I was a teenager, first going to shows. They played together in a metal band called Last Hours of Torment and have always been really f*cking cool to me.

Now that I’m shooting again, it made so much sense to link with the brothers of darkness and do a really fun shoot in our mutual hometown.

I met them in south London on a Saturday to nail some shots. It was nice to catch up with them and talk about the times when all we cared about was beatdowns and moshing. They’re both dad’s now (wtf!?) but still enjoy Shaolin kung fu and photography when they have time.

We had the best fun. I even made some friends too!

Photography: Peter and John Yabrifa

Hair, Make Up & Styling: Me

Blast Orange Vest: Carhartt Work In Progress (sold out, see link for similar)

Leather Jacket: Jofama x Edwin Europe (sold out)

Leather look sweatpants: Topshop (sold out)

Leather look wide leg pants: Zara (sold out)

Longsleeve T: Crowbar merch (via Rock And Roll Heavy Weights)

Grey Short Sleeve Sweatshirt: Uniqlo

Sneakers: Le Coq Sportif