Shooting during the week, after my day job make for super long days and insane tiredness but the results make it all worth it.

Last week I shot in a multi-storey car park in Canary Wharf, just as sky was turning dusky shades of pink, purple and blue. I knew we’d be going here at around this time of day so i HAD to have theseawesome copper pieces from Libertine Libertine’s FW15 collection.

I have to add here that I’m a sucker for anything remotely utilitarian so, naturally, I had to cop this Dungaree dress from my loves at This Is Welcome.

ALSO, these Nike Air Max 90 Infrared’s are almost 10 years old (wtf?!). Definitely my GOAT.

Copper Jacket and Skirt – Libertine Libertine | Dungaree Dress – This Is Welcome | Sneakers – Nike | Socks and T-shirt – my boyfriend’s (shh, don’t tell him)


Photo Credit: Henry Knock

Hair/Styling/MUA: Me (Niesh Vanterpool)



WELP! The Conservative party won the General Election and nearly FOUR MILLION PEOPLE VOTED FOR UKIP which means I’m looking to make my exit from this country ASAP. Let me live on an bug free Island, eat snacks, dress sick and listen to tunes. This tune sums up how I feel rn.


A little while back, my old pals at The Bronze Trade hit me up and asked me to take part in their SS15 lookbook shoot so, naturally, I obliged. It was a fun day, seeing old faces, playing with pugs and eating pizza at the very top of the Macbeth in Hoxton. The whole team was a dream to work with, not to mention that the garms were siq. I loved my outfit and need to buy it ASAP.

Here are some looks from the day. You can cop that new new rightchea. Love to my dudes Chazz, Sam and Tailby for having me <3


Photographer: Sam Clifford Harding
Stylist: Rachel Mae Tyson
MUA: Grace Sinnott
Hair: Natalie Shafii
Manicures: Jen McColl
Stylist Assistant: Miriam Bouteba
Photographer’s Assistant: Elliott Gunn

Models: Ben@Anti Agency, Afra@Hughes, Assa Ariyoshi, Bobbye Fermie, Niesh Vanterpool, Charlotte Moran, Elliot Taylor, James Tailby

Kicks courtesy of ADIDAS


When did this happen? My 13 year old self is wiggin out so hard rn.

Deftones are set to play London’s Wembley Arena Nov 21, 2015 and I couldn’t be more stoked.

My good friend Richard just shared this video on facebook and I fell in love all over again.

Peep their website for more European dates.


Ladies (and gentlemen?), another dope online store is among us. Pho London opened their clothing and lifestyle store to the masses earlier this week and, if I had more free skrilla, I’d be spending it rightchea.

With brands like Base Range, Charlie May and Senso on board, the product is very clean and adheres to Pho.London’s philosophy of “minimalism, simplicity and functionality”. Now you know that I love anything functional and I am digging the fact that they support mindful designers while considering longevity over trend and mass consumerism. Here are some of my favourites <3

  1. Nude Bra from Base Range £33
  2. Black Sweats from Base Range £59
  3. Black Leather Kim Box Shoulder Bag from Danielle Foster £205
  4. Kylie Ebony from Senso £135
  5. Ceral Magazine Vol 9 – £12
  6. Lemongrass Candle from Simon&Me – £22
  7. Camel Wool Coat from Charlie May – £600
  8. Gold Snak Clutch from Marie Turnor – £90
  9. Off White Over-sized T from Base Range – £40




I try to monitor my intake of soy/gluten based meat substitute products because, whilst some of them are awesome, they’re still processed and can be as unhealthy as eating meat (IMVHO).

Last night, whilst on my way home from spending a day visiting stores in the midlands, I decided that I wanted “meat”balls but I didn’t want to eat the frozen ones from Tesco that’re sitting in my freezer. I googled a basic recipe and adapted it to what I had in my cupboards.

Here’s what I came up with:


  • 1 can of chick peas
  • 1.5 tbsp finely ground breadcrumbs
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • one egg
  • some parsley
  • 1/2 tsp salt and pepper
  • some parmesan (up to you how much you use)
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • some coconut oil for baking (or your oil of choice)


  1. put everything in a mini electronic mixer/blender
  2. pulse until it’s mixed – it should be thick with chunks of chick pea, not hummus
  3. take a tablespoon out at a time and roll it in the palm of your hand until it’s a smooth ball.
  4. melt some coconut oil in the oven on a baking tray
  5. take tray out of the oven and place each meat-less-ball evenly
  6. bake until golden on each side, turning regularly

We had ours with a tomato pasta sauce, I used harissa this time to change it up a bit, and brown fusilli pasta that I cooked as per the instructions on the packet. I’ll post a recipe for red pasta sauce another time as mine changes all the time. For this, you can use home made or a jar. You can also change up the recipe for the meat-less-balls by using a different bean/pea/pulse like cannellini beans or lentils, adding harissa, pesto or different green herbs. You can also veganize it by replacing the egg with your dairy-free milk of choice and leaving out the cheese! Also, if you don’t have a mini blender, you can use a bowl and a potato masher or a fork. Just make sure that everything is smooth enough to give you some good looking bawlz…………………………………………………………..she said.

What are some of your favourite healthy “meat” substitutes?






Photography: Dean Martindale

Model: Me (Niesh Vanterpool)

Styling: Me (Niesh Vanterpool)

Hair/MUA: Me (Niesh Vanterpool)

Wearing: Japanese dyed Bomber by Kings of Indigo, Turtle Neck by Uncivilised, Silver Brothel Token by Four Ones, Sunglasses by Hankjobenhavn